Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Coffee break 1.6 -- What is your budgeting secret?

This is actually a coffee break question from Jan. Very timely, what with all the recent price increases!

What is your budgeting secret?

I don't really have a secret. I try not to buy unnecessary things. I think before I buy, "Do I/we really need this?"

Of course, there are times when we just have to indulge a bit. If that's so, I will think, "Can we afford this extra expense?"

I do not put all my available money I have in my wallet. I put just enough to see me through the day.

I use credit cards, but I try to use them wisely. I use them to fund big payments and purchases so that I get the points, but I also set aside money to pay for them. And I pay on time.

Lastly, we still live with our moms. It's rent free. It would be easier to save up that way. Of course, it entails some loss of autonomy, but you can't have everything you want.

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