Friday, June 27, 2008


As a break from all the serious talks about being practical, here's a video from that brought a smile to my face. The video is about Barbie, (yes, Barbara Millicent Barbers, the glamor doll all little girls wanna have) but about Barbie seen in a different a gold-digger no less! While it may be unfair to brand glamorous girls falling for guys with nice cars and fat pockets, with or without matching looks as gold-diggers, the truth of the matter is that some of them really are. Come to think of it, some pretty boys can also be classified into the same category.

Come to think of it, while this video from is certainly funny, the cautionary tale here is realistic and practical too. It simply means to watch out for gold diggers! There ARE a lot of them out there!

For now let's just sit back and enjoy the video. I watched this one a few times already and I still laugh at it! The people over at are certainly talented and I would love to see more of their videos!

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