Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Have A Small Side Income

Times are hard. Prices of fuel and commodities are rising, and people even have to line up for rice. Any extra income would be welcome. There are various ways to increase your earnings. Mine is through my small online store and other online "rakets". You might want to check these out to get ideas of your own.

Other people choose to go through direct selling of various items or services like insurance, cosmetics, clothes etc. Like your main job, it should be something you are interested in. An additional requirement is that it should not interfere with your current job.


Anonymous said...

Direct selling is a great option when you need to make ends meet. Having a 'party plan' business is fun, rewarding, and teaches you new skills! I love my business. I am with Story Time Felts.

theworkingmom said...

Thanks for your visit, Karen. I totally agree with you. Your site is interesting, by the way. :)

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