Sunday, June 1, 2008

Lessen Rice Intake

Filipinos are big rice eaters, that's why the recent news about the rice crisis is such a big deal for most of us. Rice is such an important food for us that we cannot imagine any meal without it.

With the rice crisis, it may be prudent for us to cut back a bit on rice and look for substitutes. We have so many--potatoes, sweat potatoes, corn, etc. Some of my friends who are on the heavy side swear that decreasing their rice intake also resulted in significant weight loss. This makes sense, because rice is a high carbohydrate food and some of the more popular diets promote decrease in carbos.

So you actually save a lot of ways by cutting back. Avoiding the high cost of rice, losing weight thus lessening health problems and having less costs on health care AND no need to spend on expensive diet programs.

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