Monday, June 23, 2008

The Light Rail System

My favorite mode of public transport around Metro Manila is the MRT/LRT system (the light rail transit system). I like it because it is cheap -- almost the same price as a bus. It's also airconditioned, offering a respite from the heat. Unlike buses and jeepneys which stop anywhere they want to and start to go only when they are fully occupied or nearly full, the MRT/LRT trains have a more or less definite time when it starts. Also unlike buses and jeepneys, they also have predesignated stops where passengers get off safely. Also, I don't need to look for a parking space, unlike when I bring a car. Of course, the fact that I get to avoid traffic jams is also a great incentive for me to use this type of public transportation

Additional tip for female commuters: Walk a bit more to the first train, which is usually a women and children only train. You'll have a bigger chance of getting seated. And even if you don't get a seat, it's not as crowded as the other trains.

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