Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Personalized Children's Books?

Reading to your children is a great way to both bond with your child and to stimulate love of reading and learning. Although children's books are relatively more expensive than the usual paperbacks for adults, given their materials, I would consider it as good investment in your child's future learning. After all, the child's education actually begins at home.

I've seen my son respond better when people call out his name. I guess it's the same for other children. So I think that personalized children's books are a great idea! When the story revolves around your child interacting with his favorite characters, it is especially engrossing and entertaining for your little hero or heroine! He or she could be a off fighting crime with his favorite Marvel heroes or Justice League characters. Or learn about the story of his/her birth and babyhood. Or learn that school could be fun. There are many books with so many different themes that it is rather hard to pick just one.

These books also make very good, very personalized, very unique gifts. I do hope somebody gives one of these to my son when he celebrates his birthday later this year, or when Christmas rolls around.

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theworkingmom said...

The site is certainly interesting. Thank you for the heads up!

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