Friday, July 25, 2008

Spending -- A Good Thing?

Got this from Money from the I-Com.

Spending can be a BAD word if you are trying to save money, but here are some ways to spend and actually use the spending to help you make money:

  • Advertising - If you are advertising a product, business, and/or website, spending for advertising can easily double your profits even with the cost of the ads.
  • Stocks - You are purchasing parts of a business when you purchase stocks. Just make sure you buy low and sell them at a higher price to earn profits.
  • Mutual Funds - These are the similar to stocks as they are a consolidation of stocks and bonds together.
  • Real Estate - If you are buying to "Flip" the house, Or hold it for appreciation reasons then spending on real estate is usually a wise investment.
  • Credit Card spending - If you are purchasing anything then it's good to use a credit card as long as you are paying the monthly costs and there is NO anual fee on the CC. You can use the Reward programs to actually make money off of using the credit card and the CC company will actually be the one's paying you.

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