Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ways To Save on Wedding Flowers

Flowers are an essential part of the wedding decor. However, it has become so expensive! Here are some tips to try to lower the cost of your flowers.
  • As always, set a budget and stick to it. Inform your florist about your budget so that he/she will not overdo the flowers.
  • Avoid February. If your wedding date falls on this month, expect prices of flowers to be higher because of Valentine's Day.
  • Limit your entourage members. The less bridesmaids you have, the less flowers you need.
  • If your male principal sponsors wear barong, there is no need for them to wear buttonneires.
  • Choose local grown flowers. Imported blooms have to be flown in and are usually more expensive.
  • A large number of the same flowers will cost less since you would be buying in bulk, so try to limit the type and color of flowers.
  • Try to coordinate with another couple who will be using the same ceremony venue. You can decide on the same floral arrangements and split costs.
  • If possible, you can try moving the floral arrangements from the ceremony venue to the reception venue.
  • If your wedding is in December (or near December), you may need less floral decorations since the church is already decorated for Christmas.
  • If your venue is at a garden or park, you will need less floral decors.

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