Thursday, October 2, 2008

Kiddie Party on a Budget?

Parents automatically want the best for their kids. It’s understandable that they would want to throw a lavish party, with good food, party entertainment, games and prizes for their children. However, you do have to tailor your party to what you can afford and save up for. It’s not practical to have to resort to a cash advance loan just to be able to finance a party.

Practical tips to celebrate your tot’s birthday party:
Evaluate your budget. If P10,000 is what you can afford, you have to work within that amount.
Canvas! Ask around for the best prices and the best reviews for the price that you are willing to shell out.
Prioritize. If you can’t afford both an expensive caterer AND a great host, choose which is more important to you and stick with that. For the other, you may have to downgrade it a bit and something a little less expensive.
Leave out unnecessary details. Some things are just nice to have. If you’re on a tight budget, leaving these out would make it fit your budget better. For example, you don’t really need a host and 3 other entertainers, if you cannot afford it.
Do-it-yourself. You can make your own invitations, your own guest book, your own giveaways! All it takes is a little creativity. You can ask relatives to cook the party food or take pictures or videos of the party.
Cut the guest list. Less guests, less food and smaller (probably less expensive) space needed. (Less gifts though :P )
Just enjoy! In the end, what matters is that everybody enjoys the party. It doesn’t have to be very fancy. Even a small party can be enjoyable if done right.

I hope these tips would help parents with small budgets to still have a nice party for their tots. 


Anonymous said...

very helpful. thanks joey. mga creative mommies gagawin ang lahat para makatipid. don't forget to add - review your network of friends. baka may mga mahiraman o kaya may alam na mga mas mura na suppliers. (under din ata ito sa canvas) :-) said...


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