Tuesday, October 21, 2008

When You Have A Long Christmas List....

It gets more and more difficult to think of Christmas presents for a huge number of people. Each year, my Christmas list gets longer and longer. I haven't really mastered the art of buying for a huge number of persons, but here are some tips that I've learned through the years.

1. Set a budget. It may be a "budget-per-person" or a "budget for the whole season". Whichever works better for you.

2. Make a list. Categorize each person, whether they're family, people at work, or what. You can either list on a notebook or a computer program, do whatever is more practical for you.

3. Shop early. It does not have to be an all out shopping spree. When you're out, you can pick up some ideas, or you can start buying appropriate gifts then keep them (if you have enough storage or if the gift is small enough). You can even start wrapping the gifts so that you don't have to cram.

4. Buy in bulk. You can buy more of a certain item if you have a lot of persons in your list. For example, if you find a cute shirt and you have 10 kids on your list, you can buy 10 of those shirts, in the right sizes, of course. Items which are gender-neutral and non age specific are also great to buy in bulk.

5. Look to your own closet. You may already have some gift worthy items. For example, a pretty blouse that turned out to be a tad smaller but you can't return for some reason could be a nice gift for somebody who has a smaller size than you.

6. Regift. I'm pretty certain that some people will find this inappropriate but sometimes the gift you got before was totally inappropriate for you. Maybe someone on your list would find it more useful for them. Just remember NOT to accidentally return it to the one who sent it to you. And if you're not comfortable with this idea, just don't do it.

7. Emergency gifts. Once in a while, there may be some people who show up and who are not in your Christmas list. It's best to have a few gender-neutral, all purpose gifts with unlabelled tags lying around so that you can get one when the need arises.

8. I'd rather get gifts that people won't mind receiving too many of. Here's the result of an informal survey I did. At least I know they'd truly be appreciated. And if I don't end up giving it away, I can still use them myself. :)

This is my entry to both The Christmas Gifts Group Writing Project by 1Happy Corner and The Blog Rounds 22nd edition hosted by Doc Cherri.


MerryCherry said...

Thanks theworkingmom! You're my 2nd early bird, next to Em Dy. Hehe ;)

I love tip no. 6 and 7, especially 7, because sometimes I am at lost when 'unexpected' guests/kids come during christmas. Thank you for this tip -- have some gender-neutral, no tag gifts at hand.

MerryCherry said...

TBR 22 is UP. Thanks for joining. Happy Holidays!

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