Tuesday, December 30, 2008


The problem with genuine branded, quality watches is that they are so expensive! I mean, I love the look and the quality of classic brands like Rolex, but I just could not bring myself to shell out the money to buy one of those. Some do say that these make good investments, as certain pieces appreciate in value over time, but really, the price for one watch could feed a few poor families for a year! Definitely not for somebody who needs to be frugal. On the other hand, there are replica watches which are difficult to differentiate from the originals except by trained people, hence there's a thriving market for these.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Choose A Career You Love

When I was asked by some younger relatives about what course to take up in college, I would always say that you should take up something you're really interested in, not something that seems to offer more job opportunities. That's because the demand for jobs fluctuates. You never know if your chosen career will still be in demand by the time you finish with your course. If you love it, though, you'd stick with it.

Unfortunately, many parents here in the Philippines direct their kids to take up what seem to fields that seem to have a lot of openings at the moment. There have been waves of sharp rises in IT professionals because jobs in programming were very much (and fortunately, still is) very much in demand. Demands for nurses abroad have waxed and waned through the years, but parents still push their kids in that direction because of the current demand.

However, if you all have the same idea and we end up with an oversupply of one sort of professional, the demand will start to peter off and some people will still end up unemployed or underemployed. And if the career was not the individual's choice to begin with, it will only make him or her miserable.

Choose a career for love, not for money.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Wishlists and Registries

December is generally a time for weddings AND Christmas gift giving. While most view having a bridal registry as being tacky and having a wishlist as being materialistic, I, as a giver, actually prefer that the intended recipient of my gift tell me what I really want or need. That will make my gift shopping easier for me. It's pretty much a letdown if you think that the MP3 players you gave were cool gifts, only to find out that the recipient already has a lot more.

So, for me, if you're getting married, do let me know about your bridal registry or wishlist (preferably the latter so that I can just buy stuff anywhere convenient for me). Show your wishlish for Christmas or birthday. With so many people online these days, it's a simple matter of just writing it down on your blog or on your social network.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Use Your 13th Month Pay Wisely

At this time of the year, I envy the employees since they get their mandatory 13th month pay from their company. If their company is generous, they would even get a 14th, or even a 15th month pay. This not only covers most of their extra expenses during the holidays, but also, if they are prudent enough not to spend all of it, provides extra savings for the rainy day. The self-employed like me do not have this advantage.

If I were the lucky recipient of this windfall, the first thing I would do is to pay off my debts. The fast cash payday loans which were convenient and definitely helpful when money is tight, the credit card loans which pile up fast, these all need to be paid off. If I had already settled my outstanding debts, I would then set aside a certain portion for my savings and/or investments. Then and only then would I start spending the rest of the money.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Spend Only What You Can

Christmas is the time for giving. People are extra generous at this time of the year, getting a little something for most of their kith and kin.

However, do remember that your resources are finite. Before you go out on a holiday gift giving spree, do make that Christmas list, determine the total amount that you can afford to spend, and allocate a certain amount per recipient so that you don't go overboard with your spending. I do not think that you should resort to getting cash loans at this time of the year if it's just for presents, but that could come in handy for any emergency that may crop up during this time. Do leave a little money for yourself. Remember, the bills don't stop just because it's Christmas!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Try Not To Eat Too Much During The Holidays!

It's easy to go overboard during the holiday season in the Philippines. For us Filipinos, celebrations mean "food", and rich food at that! And the peak of the celebrations is noche buena, the feast on Christmas Eve! All that sugar and fats are not going to do your body or your health any good!

So, to avoid having to sigh about extra inches and having to lose weight through Leptovox, do remember to practice moderation. Some suggestions:
  1. Don't pile up food on your plate. Just put a small amount of each viand. You can always go back for refills if you need to.
  2. You don't have to eat everything! Skip those foods which appeal to you less and just get those that you really like.
  3. Taste everything, but only in very small amounts.
  4. Don't force your friends or family to eat more! (You know how Filipinos can't refuse....)
  5. Drink water. It's healthier (and no calorie too!) than alcoholic and soft drinks.
  6. Engage in conversation. You're less likely to eat a lot when you're talking.
  7. Eat slowly. Chew. Enjoy every bite.
  8. Don't drink and drive.
Enjoy your Noche Buena!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sorry For Being Quiet Lately

I'm very sorry for not being able to update my blogs lately. This season has been quite a hectic one for me, what with all the things we do to celebrate the holidays here in the Philippines. Add to that the fact that I'm currently in my first trimester of pregnancy, and thus very uncomfortable with food. Just when there is food galore due to the many Christmas parties around. Unfortunately, because most of my symptoms occur in the evenings, I could not go to most of them, just the ones that are easier for me to go to (I also get dizzy with long car trips nowadays, which is made worse by bad traffic jams). Which is just as well, as I actually abstain from rich but unhealthy foods and would not require any Orovo detox after the holidays.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

DIY cakes

I just came across a site which would prove helpful to those who love to bake and would like to make beautiful cakes for their children's birthday celebrations. There are even themed cakes so if you would like to have a Barney cake for your little precious, there are step by step instructions to make it easier.

There are also links for cakes suitable for adults, for babies and for other special occasions.

Click here to go to the site.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Need A Constant Supply? Order In Bulk

Buying in bulk works if you need something constantly. It saves on travel time and expenses. Some stores would also try to give you a volume discount since you're getting a lot of merchandise. For example, hospitals would make sure there would be a continuous, unbroken supply of incontinence supplies since there is always a need for it, hence, they probably get the best price for it. Not only that, the stores deliver to them. If you need something continuously and in large quantities, like baking supplies for your home based business, it may be cheaper in the long run to do as businesses do, order in bulk.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Every Little Drop Counts

After washing your hands, don't forget to turn off the faucet. That one little drip-drip-drip doesn't only sound annoying, it also adds up to GALLONS a day if you're not careful enough, sending your water bills higher than it should be. If there's a problem with your faucet, it's best to have it repaired immediately so you don't lose more water than necessary.

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