Saturday, December 20, 2008

Wishlists and Registries

December is generally a time for weddings AND Christmas gift giving. While most view having a bridal registry as being tacky and having a wishlist as being materialistic, I, as a giver, actually prefer that the intended recipient of my gift tell me what I really want or need. That will make my gift shopping easier for me. It's pretty much a letdown if you think that the MP3 players you gave were cool gifts, only to find out that the recipient already has a lot more.

So, for me, if you're getting married, do let me know about your bridal registry or wishlist (preferably the latter so that I can just buy stuff anywhere convenient for me). Show your wishlish for Christmas or birthday. With so many people online these days, it's a simple matter of just writing it down on your blog or on your social network.

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