Monday, January 19, 2009

Don't Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth

The holiday gift giving spree is over and we're now left with gifts. Some are great, and some are not so great, but the best way to be happy about those gifts is to appreciate everything.

I've often read about NOT giving certain gifts because the recipient might be offended...but if you happen to be the recipient, it's best to just appreciate everything. For example, if you were given a dozen soaps, just think that these are practical gifts, would save you some money and effort in buying those soaps AND do not think that the giver is out to give you a secret message that you stink and must take a bath more often! Or if you were given something like Lipovox, think that the recipient just wants you to take care of yourself and is not secretly thinking that you are too fat!

You'd feel better if you just appreciate the things that are given to you than just criticize people for choosing gifts which don't appear in your wish list.


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Anonymous said...

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