Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Blog's Got a New Look!

Do you like this blog's new look? I really do! At least for now....

It's sometimes get a little bored with your layout and would want something snazzier. Or something a little different, not just the default themes that everybody uses. However, you are just not as creative as you would like to me (sounds like me!)

There are plenty of free templates for your blog on the net. You can simply just google "free blogger templates" if you're using the blogger platform, or "free wordpress templates" if you're using wordpress. A number of sites where you can download free templates will result. Just look for one that you like.

Or if you're surfing and you see a template that you like, chances are there is a link on that blog as to the creator of that template. Click on that. Hopefully they give out free templates too. But don't be surprised if they don't...creativity is a business too.

On the download pages, there are often some instructions on how to install the templates. Follow those instructions to get the new look that you want, but before doing so, be sure to backup your old template!

Also, if you have javascripts or HTML that you want to appear on your new template, be sure to copy the codes unto a notepad so that you can get them and reinstall the codes after you've put up your new template. Some widgets get deleted when you install your new template.

One last thing, you can set up a private blog for "practice purposes". Put in a few links and a few posts. Before setting up your new template on your blog, use this "practice blog" first to see how it would look like and if you're ok with that. Sometimes your title gets lost, sometimes it doesn't look so good on your blog...things like that. If you don't like it, at least you didn't get to all those trouble.

Good luck and enjoy!

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