Saturday, February 28, 2009

Invest NOW!

Stocks, mutual funds and other investment instruments are way down right now. But you do not really have to worry if you are investing for the long term (and not the short term buying and selling) as history shows us that in the long run, economy is bound to improve somehow. If you do not really need the money, it's best to just keep it there, so your paper losses would not translate to actual monetary losses. In fact, if you do have some extra money, it's best to invest right now, when everything: stocks, mutual funds, residential and commercial real estate, are all at an all time low. When the time comes that the economy has improved, years down the line, you would be having properties worth much, much more than now.


start business Philippines said...

I would like to add that it is important that you pay off your debts before you decide to invest your money. It is also a good idea if you can find someone that can teach you about investing.

theworkingmom said...

You are very right, @start business Philippines. Pay off all your debts first before actually investing! Good advise!

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