Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Right Watch

Much as we'd like to have a lot of watches in our collection, sometimes our budget does not stretch enough for us to afford more than just one good watch. So take a look at your lifestyle and make a decision.

If you're an active person who engages in a lot of sports and physical activities, a watch like Technomarine watches would serve you much better than a leather dress watch encrusted with diamonds. Not only does it look hip and fashionable, matching your personality and lifestyle, they would also be useful and much more suited to the "hard knocks" it has to take from your lifestyle, unlike flimsier watches.

If your job however, involves more of dressing up formally, a dress watch would probably suit you better.

Office workers could go either way. Look at what your after office affairs mostly are and decide which to get from there.

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