Monday, March 23, 2009

Consider The Distance of Your Hotel

I was able to attend a convention in New Orleans way back 1998. Since it was a long way from home, I got my mother to accompany me and we made it a sight seeing trip as well with stops in other cities. Because of budget and time constraints, we got a hotel on the outskirts of New Orleans.

Looking back, that has probably made it inconvenient for both of us. Although there were shuttle buses to and from the convention center, the "last trip" was at 7 pm so if we want to avail of the free ride, we had to leave at that time. We missed the famous nightlife of New Orleans. :( The only time we didn't take the shuttle bus, we paid 14 dollars (if memory serves me right) just for a trip back to our hotel!

I'm more inclined now to think that it might be better to get a place to stay right in the middle of the action, so we may be able to see more of the sights and hear more of the sounds that the place has to offer. I've heard there might be convention in San Diego soon, so I might just canvas for a good downtown San Diego hotel online so I can get better choices as to my choice of accommodations.

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