Thursday, April 9, 2009

Why We're Staying Put

It's now Holy Thursday. Many Filipino families are making the out-of-town trek to enjoy the 4-day respite from work. Some have even started their vacation since last weekend, since there are only 2 working days this week. We have opted to stay in Manila and just rest since we don't really want to join the vacationing crowds.

For most resorts, this is considered as a very high season since most people really schedule their trips with their families at around this time, as children are already enjoying their summer vacations. It's also perfect to go to the beach at this time because the weather is hot and sunny. Unfortunately, this also means that resorts will charge higher prices at this time of the year. That goes for hotels, food, travel (whether by air, sea or land). You'd find that you need a bigger budget for vacations if you schedule it at this time. It IS Holy Week, so it may be a good time to practice fasting and abstinence (forced, since food will cost high and there's no need for appetite suppressants when your money won't really go far)

Our family has decided that we will take our vacation during the low season. Not only will prices be cheaper, there won't be crowds on the beach (or other places of interest) and the vacation would truly be more relaxing. Also, there would be more vacancies available.

Now, we'd rather just chill at home.

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