Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Laptops Better For Personal Use

Once I started on my first laptop computer, there's really no turning back to a desktop, at least for my personal use. It's so much more portable and user friendly, and it already has most of the features of the more bulky desktop. I can work wherever I want.

The biggest drawback of laptops is the price. For the same price, you can actually get a desktop with much better specs. But it's ok for me. After all, there are always laptop deals available. And, honestly speaking, I only need a computer for basic internet surfing and office work, and I do not need those other bells and whistles. What I need is something I can bring with me anytime!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Honeymoon Must Haves

My husband and I went on a whirlwind honeymoon trip (only 3 days 2 nights!) in Hong Kong. Our experience was nonetheless memorable. I'll probably make another post on this, but for the meantime, these are the things that I believe are the must-haves during a honeymoon:
  • camera--Document each moment! Would you believe we actually brought 3 cameras - 1 film camera, 1 digital camera and 1 video camera? :)
  • airline tickets and passports -- Pretty self explanatory...
  • enough money -- do bring some US dollars, which can usually be easily converted to local currency. Don't forget to bring some small change in the local currency for tips and small purchases.
  • credit cards -- I usually pay in credit card if I can so I don't run out of cash when I'm abroad.
  • a passport envelope to keep your money, passport and other important documents close to you.
  • Photocopies of passport and important docs, in case you lose them.
  • maps
  • locks for your suitcase and for closets, if possible.
  • comfortable but versatile shoes -- anticipate a lot of walking!
  • some toiletries -- especially if not all shampoos/soaps/lotion suits you.
  • cardigan or jacket -- in case weather turns chilly
  • backpack -- to put your jacket/cardigan, some food, drinking water etc, when you go out
  • jeans -- goes with any top and any shoes, and goes anywhere!
  • more than enough underwear -- in case you can't wash, you'll still have some extra
  • emergency meds -- OTC meds for headache, diarrhea, allergies and other emergencies. Also your regular maintenance medications, if any (They may not honor the prescription from your local doctor). In case symptoms do not go away, do see a doctor.
  • rubbing alcohol -- All around sanitizer. It's pretty easy to find here in the Philippines, but not as easy to find in Hong Kong. Not very sure about other countries, though.
Of course, each other! Do enjoy your first trip as husband and wife!
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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Be Critical When Researching About Health Online

It's a sad day when somebody in the family gets diagnosed with mesothelioma or some other cancer. Nevertheless, the patient himself/herself and the family, after going through the stages of denial to acceptance, should bravely consider the choices and consider what has to be done. The internet is a giant and easy source of information where you can research on the topic, but there are reliable sites and there are those that are less than reliable. Be sure to be a critical reader -- don't just rely on one site. Do your research in several sites, and not only on the internet. Try to discern which of the sites look to be the most reliable ones. This way, you will be able to get more information, and from these information AND your discussions with the doctor, you can form a better understanding of your disease, the choices that the family faces, and come to a decision as to what is the best decision for your family to make.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Know Your Priorities

My husband would love to have a playstation 3, but we considered the following:
  • We don't need or want extra expenses right now, since we're expecting to pay E's tuition fee AND pay for a C-section next month!
  • Although his playstation 1 is pretty old, he can still use it.
  • As it is, he does not have time to play with his playstation 1.
  • By the time he gets the time to play (or my son becomes interested in game consoles), there would already be a newer version of the game console, which will make our purchase obsolete.
The first reason is actually the most important -- we have more important things to do with our money, and that's what we're prioritizing right now.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Make Time For Yourself

This is something I haven't done lately -- schedule some time just for myself. But I should -- everybody should. It doesn't matter if it's just an hour of just not doing anything and relaxing outdoors on the patio furniture, or a power nap, or a movie, or a massage. Just make sure you do have some time to recharge. Life is difficult enough as it is, better make sure you schedule some time to simply just enjoy it.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Weight Gain during Pregnancy

Still continuing on pregnancy weight gain, we should remember NOT to gain too much weight during pregnancy. Back when we were in medical school, we were told that the ideal weight gain is 2 pounds for the first trimester, then 10 pounds for both second and third trimesters. Of course, this is not absolute, but, hey a 50 pound weight gain is mommy's weight gain, not baby's. If you make your calories count and not take too much sugary and fatty snacks, you should be able to gain a healthy baby weight, slim down gradually after giving birth (without having to look for thebest diet pills) safely!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day To All the Moms Out There!

Breast is Best!

I've already said this before, but I'll say it again. Breastfeeding after giving birth is one of the best and cheap fat burners around. It saves you from spending money on formula (imagine a can of formula for about 800 pesos -- lasts for only about a week). Not only that, it contains antibodies which helps your baby fight off diseases. It's clean (no need to buy or boil water to prepare the milk), readily available, always at the right temperature. It also promotes mother-baby bonding. There are benefits for mommy too, and that includes weight loss!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Losing Weight

It's no secret that maintenance of an ideal body weight is important not only for better confidence and self image but also for a better overall health. Obesity is usually the product of many factors: a poor choice of foods in the diet, lack of physical exercise, basic constitution, genetics. Every individual is different, hence, there should be different strategies for weight loss.

It's best to consult experts in the field of weight loss as to what program (whether diet, exercise, weight loss pills, or surgery, or a combination of the above) is the best approach for you.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Something Old...

From :
Sometime after the exchange of vows, the groom presents the arrhae or arras to his bride after it has been blessed by the priest.

The arras, Spanish for "earnest money", is said to come from a Roman custom of breaking gold or silver into equal halves by both parties as a pledge of marriage.

The thirteen coins, said to represent Christ and his 12 apostles, symbolize the groom's unquestionable trust and confidence. By giving arras to his bride, he places all his material wealth into her care. Acceptance by the bride means taking that trust unconditionally with total dedication.

It is also said that the custom came from Spain. The arras usually come in ornate boxes or gift trays and represents the bride's dowry as well as good wishes for prosperity. Oftentimes, these coins become part of the family heirloom.

During our wedding, instead of using a brand new arrhae (bonus: we save money in the process!), we used an arrhae that was used during the wedding of my parents-in-law. It was also used at the wedding of my oldest brother-in-law. My youngest brother-in-law will also be using it during his coming wedding.

The arrhae is made of 13 Philippine coins from the turn of the century. It is considered an heirloom piece by my husband's family. It does not only signify the trust of my husband in letting me keep and manage his material possessions, but also the trust and confidence in me by husband's family. I am honored by this ceremony. I hope to pass on this tradition to my children when they get married in the future.

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Children, Pets and Responsibility

I think that people should treat pets like babies in the sense that when one takes on the responsibility of caring for a pet, one should look out for the best interests of the pet. It's either that or don't have a pet at all. I've seen some people get a dog as a "bantay" (watchdog) and maltreat it.

I have told my husband that if ever we get to have our own place, I would not want to be a surrogate "parent" to any pets taken in by either him or our children. Whoever gets the pet and wants the responsibility should be the one to take care of it, feed it the right food (there are actually some dog supplies that a kid can afford on his allowance), treat it right. The problem with some children is that when they get tired of the pet, they don't really take care of it anymore and their mom ends up being the one to do so, even if she was not the one who wants to adopt the pet in the first place.

I would concede, though, that having pets would teach children responsibility. They just have to follow through with the responsibility of having the pet, and not pass on the responsibility to me.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

On Supplements

I'm generally not a fan of supplements, mostly preferring natural sources in food and drinks rather than pills and powders concocted in laboratories, especially if the person does not really have any nutritional deficiencies to begin with. This is also because of the multitude of so called supplements available through various sources, both legitimate and otherwise, which claim to make one healthier, enhance performance, and generally just make one feel better than what he feels right now. There are however, some supplements like Stemulite which claims to be backed by well-researched by a team of respected professionals, with testimonies by athletes and ordinary people like you and me. I would be more inclined to think that their products would be much more reliable than others which give many promises but do not have the research data to back them up.

Still, I would suggest that prior to actually taking this or any other supplement, a visit to your friendly neighborhood family physician would be best in order to determine your baseline health status and to give you the go-ahead to take these supplements.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Know The Cause

I used to have really bad acne,back in my 20's. I've seen dermatologists and tried a variety of treatments. I've also tried some so-called natural acne treatment and even old wives' tales. I've avoided chocolates and oily foods. It was only when an obstetrician gynecologist asked about my (irregular) menstrual periods and put me on anti-androgen birth control pills that my acne started to subside and eventually, disappear completely. My periods also became regular. It turned out that I was having hormonal imbalance at that time, probably due to the fact that I was pretty stressed out. Afterwards, I still do get some pimples sometimes, but these are few and far between.

This illustrates the importance of knowing the cause of whatever problem, and endeavor to solve that problem by eliminating the root cause. Not only will this solve the problem completely (we hope!), you also avoid the stress and the expenses associated with just trying to solve the "symptoms" or signs.

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