Friday, May 8, 2009

Children, Pets and Responsibility

I think that people should treat pets like babies in the sense that when one takes on the responsibility of caring for a pet, one should look out for the best interests of the pet. It's either that or don't have a pet at all. I've seen some people get a dog as a "bantay" (watchdog) and maltreat it.

I have told my husband that if ever we get to have our own place, I would not want to be a surrogate "parent" to any pets taken in by either him or our children. Whoever gets the pet and wants the responsibility should be the one to take care of it, feed it the right food (there are actually some dog supplies that a kid can afford on his allowance), treat it right. The problem with some children is that when they get tired of the pet, they don't really take care of it anymore and their mom ends up being the one to do so, even if she was not the one who wants to adopt the pet in the first place.

I would concede, though, that having pets would teach children responsibility. They just have to follow through with the responsibility of having the pet, and not pass on the responsibility to me.

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