Sunday, May 3, 2009

Know The Cause

I used to have really bad acne,back in my 20's. I've seen dermatologists and tried a variety of treatments. I've also tried some so-called natural acne treatment and even old wives' tales. I've avoided chocolates and oily foods. It was only when an obstetrician gynecologist asked about my (irregular) menstrual periods and put me on anti-androgen birth control pills that my acne started to subside and eventually, disappear completely. My periods also became regular. It turned out that I was having hormonal imbalance at that time, probably due to the fact that I was pretty stressed out. Afterwards, I still do get some pimples sometimes, but these are few and far between.

This illustrates the importance of knowing the cause of whatever problem, and endeavor to solve that problem by eliminating the root cause. Not only will this solve the problem completely (we hope!), you also avoid the stress and the expenses associated with just trying to solve the "symptoms" or signs.

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