Thursday, May 7, 2009

On Supplements

I'm generally not a fan of supplements, mostly preferring natural sources in food and drinks rather than pills and powders concocted in laboratories, especially if the person does not really have any nutritional deficiencies to begin with. This is also because of the multitude of so called supplements available through various sources, both legitimate and otherwise, which claim to make one healthier, enhance performance, and generally just make one feel better than what he feels right now. There are however, some supplements like Stemulite which claims to be backed by well-researched by a team of respected professionals, with testimonies by athletes and ordinary people like you and me. I would be more inclined to think that their products would be much more reliable than others which give many promises but do not have the research data to back them up.

Still, I would suggest that prior to actually taking this or any other supplement, a visit to your friendly neighborhood family physician would be best in order to determine your baseline health status and to give you the go-ahead to take these supplements.

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