Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fastfood Parties Rock!

Unlike most other mommies, I'm somehow not as OC (obsessive compulsive) with my kids' parties. The reason is that I'd like to enjoy the party myself, and being so stressed about it takes the fun away for me. (Although the stress does shave some pounds like fat burners!).

That's why I opted to choose a fastfood resto (McDonald's) for my son's first birthday. It just makes work so much easier. Just choose your date, your theme, then go and enjoy your own party! There are already invitations, balloons, nametags, giveaways, prizes, a party host, and a mascot appearance, also the use of their (airconditioned) function room and play area. Children also enjoy such parties, which is the point of a children's party! Also, people don't generally complain about the food since they know what to expect anyway. You also have the option to bring in the cake. And it's much cheaper than having to hire a host, get a get the drift. I did get to personalize it a bit as we made our own lootbags and giveaways and guestbook....but I didn't have to!

For my daughter, I'm planning to celebrate her first birthday at Jollibee. I've even eyed the branch! Time to save up for it!

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