Saturday, October 17, 2009

If Somebody You Know Is Going Abroad

The optometrist in our clinic is going to the USA for a much needed vacation. I did what a lot of Pinoys do whenever somebody they know is going to the States. I asked her a favor: to help me bring home some stuff I want to buy.

But instead of wasting her time by asking her to scour stores for the items I want to buy, I just simply ask for her uncle's address (where she is going to stay while she is there). I'll just buy online and have it delivered there. All she has to do is bring the item home.

This is now possible because there are so many things that can be bought online. Everything from clothes, bags, shoes, perfumes, vitamins (including the best weight loss pills), baby items, and many many more. Some items are actually cheaper there, if you don't consider the shipping charges. At least I do not need to pay the prohibitive shipping charges from the US to Manila. And I don't have to ask her to actually go to the stores to buy for me.

Thanks, T!

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