Wednesday, October 14, 2009

No Bungalows For Me

After the great flood that Ondoy brought, my husband half-jokingly said that we should either buy a rubber boat for the house in Marikina, have a house built that would float when the waters come in (a la Noah's ark) or just simply look for a used rv for sale so that we can just move the whole home when the floods come.

I've always been wary of floods since I grew up with yearly, constant floods. I'd love to have a home in an area not very prone to flooding, but I realize that no matter where you live, you'll have to contend with something. For example, if you live in a higher area like Baguio, you might have to watch out for landslides.

The best thing to do is to live with whatever place you have chosen to be your home. If I were to build a house in a flood prone area, it would definitely not be a bungalow, it would have a raised carport, and have at least 3 floors and a roofdeck.

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