Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Another Toy Sale

Many parts of the world would now require both indoor heaters and maybe outdoor fireplaces to keep warm during the cold Christmas season. Here in the Philippines, though, it's a comfortable weather -- cooler than the usual mid thirty degree Celsius temperatures that we usually experience, but not cold enough to warrant more than a light jacket. Yep, it's certainly the Christmas season, all right!

Now here's another sale event that you might want to consider going to in order to complete the list of gifts for the children on your list:

(Click on image for a better view of the details)

I've been told that the Richwell sale which I featured a few posts back has more items, but the items in the Toytown sale have better packaged items. The conclusion from my online friends is that the Richwell sale is great for items that you want to get for your own kids while the Toytown sale is better for items that you want to give as gifts since their boxes are in better condition. :)

This sale is ongoing until January 2010.

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