Saturday, December 19, 2009

Antivirus & Anti Spyware

It's always practical to have an antivirus software check your system periodically for any viruses, trojans or malwares that could hamper the performance of your computer. The problem is what type of software is best.

Being the frugal soul that I am, I am currently using a free antivirus. It actually works well and does not interfere much with what I'm doing. Meaning, I could still work on my computer even if I am running a virus check. Lately, however, my freebie software is having some problems and I'm not sure how to fix it. Also, it does not have a built in spyware, which means that I have to download another problem for this. I have another freebie for this, but which lately seems to have some problems too.

I do believe that like our health, prevention is so much better than cure and that a periodic check for viruses and spyware by a reliable software is something that we should do once in a while. I've been looking at a few software programs. VIPRE is supposed to be a two-in-one antivirus and antispyware. There's a free trial which I might just avail of to see if it's worth buying. Reviews have been very promising. It's supposed to work very well without bogging down your resources too much. And the annual subscription seems affordable enough, especially if you're online a lot.

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