Monday, December 14, 2009

Small, Comfy Hotel

If you're looking for a homey place to stay in Manila with a price much cheaper than the hotel chains, do try Orchid Garden Suites.

We were there yesterday. There were events in the Buddhist temple where my mom goes to. Since the events are spread out over the day, my mom decided to get a room in this small hotel which is just literally a few steps away.

She got an executive suite for Php3500, which is not a bad deal at all! It looked very homey, with a small kitchenette, dining area, receiving area and a separate bedroom with a queen sized bed, small closet and a flat screen TV. It has a small bathroom with a shower stall and complete bathroom amenities, nothing luxurious but very basic. There are 2 room airconditioners, one in the living area and one in the bedroom area. No heaters though (so no furnace filters) -- I'd be surprised if they had this in our very warm weather). They have a standard room for only Php2500.

I actually like this better than some of the more luxurious hotels I've been to!

Pictures to follow!

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