Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Thinking Of A Business

In a few more days, it will be 2010. While I will always look back on 2009 with fondness since it is the year when we are blessed with a baby girl, it has not exactly been a good year as far as finances is concerned.

We are painfully aware that there are trade offs to our profession (we're doctors). Spend more time with the profession and you tend to neglect your family. Prioritize your family and your career tends to take a back seat. Be absent for a day, you don't get paid because you don't see patients (unlike employees who are allowed a certain number of paid leave).

Therefore we are looking into the possibility of having a small business, a home-based one if possible. I'm trying to look into franchise opportunities that I could probably incorporate into my "balancing" act.

While a business will most certainly take up your time especially at the beginning, it is something that, once processes are already in place, we can delegate tasks to other people (unlike our profession, wherein we have to be the ones personally looking after our patients). Also, it's something that we can bequeath to our kids, unlike our profession, especially if they do not want to follow in our footsteps and become ophthalmologists.

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