Monday, December 7, 2009


While figuring out the Best Buys for the season of giving, I totally forgot one very important thing: that I do deserve gifts too! Hahaha! (or should I say Ho Ho Ho!?)

Here's my top 5 non-material wishes: (in no particular order)
  1. No more natural calamities like Ondoy or Pepeng or the earthquakes in Indonesia, where the toll on human life and property are on a magnitude higher than we ever expected. We are so helpless when nature wreaks its fury.
  2. The people behind the killings in Maguindanao be held responsible. And please, no more similar killings.
  3. A stress free home. Nobody getting major illnesses, no major quarrels. Just your regular, everyday family life. Just like now.
  4. My kids be as happy as they seem to be right now.
  5. World peace. (very beauty pageanty, noh?)
Now, let's be a little bit more materialistic...Here are my top 5 material wishes.
  1. A house of our own
  2. A new car
  3. A vacation, away from all the stresses, all expenses paid (this counts, right?)
  4. More money!!
  5. Hmmmm, more money?????
That's probably why I really couldn't think of a good gift to myself. That's because my wishes are so grand! Hahaha! But seriously, I have very few real wants/must-haves as far as small items are concerned (you know, designer clothes, bags, jewelry, cosmetics, the usual...) so any gift I get is always highly appreciated. Some people just know how to pick presents, they give me things I didn't know I wanted or needed until I get it! Thanks so much!
Now if you're wondering why I'm listing down my top 5 wishes, it's because of a challenge question posted by nomnomclub. I MIGHT just win a limited editionStarbucks USB drive if I'm lucky. You can join too, by clicking on this link.

Good luck!

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