Thursday, January 14, 2010

Off The Beaten Path

Many Pinoys only go for the familiar places and familiar foods. The thing is, sometimes it's more fun to go "off the beaten path".

I mean, I TRY to sample the local fare and just save the familiar international fast food places like McDonald's for instances when the local food just doesn't suit my fancy or there is nothing around.

We also try to explore different places. Of course, most Pinoys have been to Los Angeles (with Disneyland being top must-visit) and Las Vegas, but how many Pinoys have been to places like breckenridge or even bigger cities like, say, New Orleans. Not that many, I believe.

My mom and I once went to New Orleans, and it was certainly a different experience, culture wise and food wise. We really enjoyed our trip

So I say, do be a little more adventurous in your vacations and enjoy life just a little bit more!

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