Friday, January 29, 2010

Online Payment?

My life insurance is due this month! I do have a 1 month grace period, though, so I have until the end of February to pay. The problem is finding the time to actually go and pay. I wish I have the option to pay my insurance online, so that it would easier for me. Anyway, I do have online banking, paypal and GCash, and credit cards too! I hope my insurance company considers this so that it won't be a pain whenever I need to pay for it.

I know other bills have the option to be paid online. This is especially true of credit card bills. However, utility bills can also be paid online if you have online banking. Why not insurance? Or maybe they already have that option but I just wasn't updated?

Anyway, I hope I could pay for that as soon as I get the time, because I've been paying for that insurance for 10 years already! It's a whole life insurance so I only need 7 years of payment before it becomes self-funding. Yey!

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