Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tips for Breastfeeding

I've read of women who have been unsuccessful in breastfeeding, and it just makes me sad. I am a breastfeeding advocate of sorts, although I try not to be as pushy as most BF advocates usually are (although sometimes there really is a certain need for pushyness).

My advise for women to have a more successful nursing experience.
  • Have the first latch as soon as possible after birth!
  • Nurse, nurse, nurse! Direct feeding is still the best way to stimulate milk production
  • Get enough nutrition. Malunggay is considered a galatogogue. It's popular and plentiful here and is chock full of nutrients for the nursing mom. It can be incorporated into tinolang manok for a nutritious soup, or it can be taken in capsule form. Also try to look for women's vitamin supplements for your purposes.
  • Be persistent. You may hear people saying that "your milk is not enough, your baby's still crying, you probably don't produce enough" or similar things but stick to your guns and breastfeed. As long as your baby is within the curve and gaining weight nicely, has good urine and stool output, and is generally healthy, he/she should be fine. Also, through all the pain and engorged breasts that usually happens at the start, always remember that these are only temporary.
  • Get support..wherever you can! From husband, family, friends, or even a support group. Get a breastfeeding advocate as a pediatrician. The last is a real asset as they are the best person to dispel your doubts about breastfeeding.
  • Sleep with your baby. Co-sleeping really makes it easier to feed the baby. You don't have to get up, and you're aware of your baby when he/she needs you. I actually feel more rested because I don't worry as much, and I do not have to get up at all -- just feed offer my breasts in a side-lying position and we're good to go.
  • Get a good pump. Direct feeding is always best, but a good pump will make it easier to express and store milk for those times when you have to leave the baby. Especially if you're a working mom.
  • Enjoy your moment. It will hurt at the start, but it becomes easier and more enjoyable as you go along. Your nursing relationship does not last long, so do enjoy it while it lasts!
Good luck!

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