Friday, February 19, 2010

Tabbed Browsing For Doing Multiple Tasks Online

One of the things that made me switch to Mozilla Firefox for internet browsing was it's tabbed browsing. Since I do a lot of things online, this made multitasking so much easier. I can check my emails, do research, check my online store and do diet pill comparison all at the same time. This comes in especially handy when doing research. I do a search for a certain topic and open various tabs on different websites that I find on the search results. It's so much more convenient!

Now I know other browsers also have this feature, even Internet Explorer, which used to be my default browser before Firefox came along. I haven't tried Google Chrome though. Anybody care to comment about this?


Jah said...

Google Chrome is good too! I use either Firefox or Chrome at the office, and both I find equally good. Chrome has an interesting feature where if you want to do an internet search you just put the search terms into the html box, and it goes straight to the google results.

Jeff said...

I love to use Firefox to use the tabbed browsing feature. It is a real time saver for sure.

Opinionated said...

I am soo grateful for that tabbing function. I'm a little obssessive when it comes to 17 different windows and that bugs me so when I have the tabbing system, I can see everything. If you are chatting with a person, you can see if they are replying in the tabs which is very useful for me. Also, as Jeremy said, I think you can type in a word in the search bar of firefox and it takes you directly to the google search of that term but doesn't always work. Maybe I'm wrong, but I've seen it happen.

Sean Milford said...


I have used them all (almost). I loved firefox for a long time until Chrome came along and found the speed and performance so much faster!

Also the search ability directly from the address box is brilliant. Shame this does not work so well in firefox.

So I prefer Chrome and highly recommend it.

Enjoy your searching.

Anonymous said...

Hey just passing through. I'm 17 years old and I use the computer alot for gaming etc. I personally use Mozilla. I dislike Explorer, Chrome, I agree, is good. Safari isn't too bad and I've never used Opera.

I think you're safe using either Mozilla or Chrome but I think it's stupid how people are sayign the prefer Chrome cause you can use the URL as a search engine for google... that's the entire point of the search bar which is usually 2 centimeters to the right of the URL so....

Also Mozilla now has many addons and skins you can use now to personalize it so much. It's great.

If you use MSN Messenger too, rather than having heaps of open conversations there's also a way of tabbing your conversations into one window. If anyone wants to know more about anything I've mentioned just email me or something. All my information is on my profile :)

Kitchen Sinks said...

I go with Google chrome because i think that it is far better than Firefox.

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