Monday, February 15, 2010

V Day

Today, we celebrate both Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year. Since we have a family, we gave much more importance to the latter.

And although we're not really "against" the commercialism that now accompanies Valentine's Day, it really is not practical to go out since almost everybody is prepared to celebrate "Heart's Day", even going to the extent of looking their best with new clothes and perhaps an acnezine treatment just for that BIG date!

Personally, I think that to go with the crowd just because it's Valentine's Day is not practical at all, as we tend to spend a lot on flowers and food, and brave the crowds. I'd rather spend it at home, even without the flowers (although I admit I really felt happy when I got some from hubby last year), and with a home cooked dinner rather than one at an overcrowded restaurant.


Neither Plum nor Java said...

Totally agree with you on this one. All the holidays in the States have become commercialized. You open the TV and they bombard you with car, card, cellphone, flower advertisements. The best thing to do really is just bestow on one another the blessings of the holiday and have a simple dinner together at home. Nothing can beat that!

Unknown said...

Just discovered your blog. I've not had time to check it out too much but enjoyed what little I had time to read. I'll stop by later to take a leisure stroll through.
Have an awesome day.

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