Sunday, March 14, 2010

Diversify Investments

We just put a little more money in our VUL (variable unit life insurance). As explained to us by our agent, it's combi product cross between mutual funds and life insurance. Which should not only give a little something for our family in case something untoward happens to us.

We are also putting a little here and a little there whenever we can. We have mutual funds that sadly, we haven't added to in long time. We're trying to buy at least a condo unit which we could rent out and earn some passive income in the process.

Next, we'll are exploring other options. Maybe try the stock market. And maybe also buy gold bars. After all, gold is a precious metal that is valued throughout centuries. There's been a rise in gold prices in the past two weeks and that's not expected to stop. Which makes it a great investment.

Experts do always say that we have to diversify our investments. We are certainly trying to.

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