Sunday, March 28, 2010

Home During The Easter Weekend

It's Palm Sunday today and in a few day's time, mostly-Catholic Filipinos will be trekking somewhere on the 4 no-work days on the weekend. Call us killjoys, but we do not really feel the compelling need to join the exodus. Our little girl just had her measles vaccine, and we have to watch her for fever since she had an episode of benign febrile seizure just last February. Going out of town takes us farther away from the more equipped hospitals where our doctors are. Our cars also experienced troubles during the past week, and unless 24 hour towing offered by Wheeler's Club extends to the countryside, it might be a better idea to just stay in the metropolis.

They do say that "Kung ayaw, maraming dahilan" (You think of a lot of excuses when you don't want to.) Yes, to be honest, we just want to stay put and enjoy Manila at its laziest. When else can you experience Manila without the traffic, the hustle and bustle, and the WORK? :D

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