Saturday, March 20, 2010

Invites to Children's Celebrations

Mommies nowadays spend a lot for their kids' celebrations. I get a lot of invitations especially from E's classmates whenever somebody's birthday is coming up. I truly understand, because mommies want to make the special day of their kids even more special. I'm just a bit surprised that now you have birthday invitations even if it's a school party only, baptism invitations and even first communion invitations. We used to just call people we want to invite!

Now, I usually just send out a text message to the invitees. It's a little improvement on the "tradition" of calling everybody. The good thing about this is that I get response quickly. Saves a lot of time, effort and money too! But that's just the frugal me talking. I still like receiving and looking at printed invites, although I know a lot of people who, like me, forego that in the interest of cost cutting.

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