Thursday, March 11, 2010

Not For All

Most people get pimples at the pubertal stage. Other people, like me, get their worst pimples beyond that. I was already past twenty when I had really bad acne, which even the supposedly best acne creams of that time didn't cure. Other people get acne because of something they had, whether it's medication or some skin product that doesn't agree with their skin makeup. I only had pimples on my face even at my worst, but I know people who get it on their backs (the so-called "bacne").

The causes are a combination of different factors like age, hormones (that's why it's more common in teenagers, when hormones go haywire), stress, hygiene and to a lesser extent, diet.

I found that birth control pills which regulated my periods cleared my face up. Other people swear by tea tree oil (I sell tea tree soap, by the way) in different formulations. Of course, there are the traditional creams and oral medications. Some go regularly to their dermatologists for their treatments.

There really is no one treatment for all in this case. Unfortunately. So what works for your neighbor may not necessarily work for you. So, do keep your mind open if it doesn't work, because that may not be the right treatment for you.


Kitchen Sinks said...

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Thanks for sharing this information. said...

I have such experience, I was cured by using termeric daily. Different people of different area use different medication, thanks you for giving the anather way to eradicate the pimples.

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