Monday, March 15, 2010

Own Swimming Pool

When my family starting searching for a house years and years ago, we wanted to have one with a pool. That's because we feel that since we all swim, a convenient pool of your own would encourage us to have more exercise. Fat chance!

That was before we realized how tedious it is to maintain a pool. You have to vacuum the water every so often. With the amount of dust in the air, the pool does get dirty quite easily. Also, any pH change will allow algae to grow, making the water green and murky. Ugggghhh! We also have to put in chlorine once every so often to disinfect the pool.

All in all, it's quite expensive to maintain a pool. You'll need to spend on electricity (for the vacuum), water, chlorine. I wonder if a uv pond filter would work for a pool and be cheaper in the long run?

Anyway, unless you do swimming everyday, I would say that having a private pool may not be such a good deal after all. It may be better to just look for a community pool near you and pay the minimal entrance fee.


Kate said...

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Thomas Paine said...

My parents would agree with you. They put in a pool about a year into their current home. I was in junior high and my sister was in middle school at the time.

Let's just say the pool was one of those things we wish we would of had if we didn't, but took it for granted since we did have it, which was under-used. And now my parents regret having it.

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