Thursday, March 25, 2010

Repaired Our Car

On Saturday last week, my 12 year old inherited-from-my-dad Toyota Camry overheated while my husband was driving it home. We called up Wheeler's Club to have it towed. Thank goodness we're members!

It turned out that the radiator was already cracking. No wonder, it was already 12 years old and made of a plastic material. Hubby tried to canvass for a new radiator, and learned that it would cost a whopping 30 plus thousand pesos!!! I know that the Camry is considered a "luxury car" but, hey, I didn't expect that price. I wonder how much Ferrari parts would cost. Now THAT is a luxury car!

Anyway, my husband was able to find a cheaper replacement part. We finally had it replaced and my car is again in excellent running condition.

Take home lessons:
  • Be a member in Wheeler's Club or some other towing company. It only costs 700 pesos a year. This is especially if your car is old. If you don't have a membership, towing would set you back 2000 pesos EVERY TIME!
  • If your car is old, it would certainly show its age sooner or later, so be prepared to spend for repairs.

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