Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Stay positive!

In about a month's time I will be celebrating the big 4-0. While I am starting to browse through anti aging and prevera reviews, I am quite confident that I do not really look old. I guess part of it is genetics. My mom is in her 60's but she could still pass for early fifties or even late forties. And, having young kids (mine's aged 4 years old and 10 months old) does keep one young.

But don't get me wrong. The past decade has been a whole series of stress. Or perhaps that's what being an adult is -- getting life's challenges and trying to rise up to them, trying to keep sane regardless.

Just remember, just do your best in every situation, keep your outlook as positive as possible. All things -- whether good or bad-- do come to an end.

Life's too short to waste on always being negative.

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