Sunday, May 30, 2010

Enjoy your baby

Just gave birth and disappointed that you still look pregnant? That's what I felt the first time I gave birth. I had the unreasonable expectation of fitting right back into my old clothes after the baby is out. When I gave birth to my second baby I knew better. I didn't stress too much about how I look at first and wondering "does lipozene work? and is it okay for a breastfeeding mom?"

As the months rolled by I progressively slimmed down, even when I was eating a lot. I guess this is due to breastfeeding AND also the stress of not having as much sleep as before.

Of course, the pictures of me at around that time shows a bloated lady with dark undereye smudges. Not a pretty picture. Probably that contributes to the so called baby blues. You feel that you look fat and ugly, and while you're still recovering, you are already called upon to take care of a totally dependent bundle.

I say just focus on the baby. For me, the baby made me happy. I love her scent, her soft skin, her smallness, the fact that she's my baby. And now that she's almost one, I try to savor every moment of her babyhood.

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Nakia Stewart said...

I know exactly what you are talking about. My youngest son is 10 months old and I am struggling to lose the baby weight, too. I am still breastfeeding and I think I am going to stop when he turns one because he's applying a lot of pressure to my breasts and it hurts. Soooo, I think that I have done an excellent job cause some mothers don't nurse this long.

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