Friday, April 30, 2010

My brother

My youngest brother just turned another year older. I guess it's because he's the bunso (youngest), he's just a little bit more unstructured unlike the rest of us older siblings. He doesn't really feel it, but both the eldest (me) and the oldest boy (my brother who was born between me and the birthday celebrant) feel that my parents were a bit looser with him than they were with us. I guess it's the way with all families.

I don't know if that's also the reason why his hair is still as full as it was when we were kids. Sometimes it's so full it's quite unmanageable and he's a bit inis (annoyed) about it. On the flip side, though, he doesn't have to worry about hair loss and having to look for a natural cure for hair loss. Genetics may also play a role as our dad had thick hair until he lost it to chemotherapy. :(

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