Sunday, May 16, 2010

Prenatal vitamins or just a balanced diet?

I've always been told to eat healthier during pregnancy. That's also the same advice that I give expecting mommies. Some people do not even believe in taking vitamins because they believe that a good balanced diet is better. I have to agree with that.

However, I did take my prenatal vitamins when I was pregnant. That's because my appetite was very low, especially during my first trimester. There were a lot of foods that I just could not tolerate. I also threw up a lot. To make sure that I'm getting enough nutrients for both my baby and me, I took the vitamins. It's a sort of insurance.

So there. Natural is always best, and a good balanced diet is the best way to achieve optimum nutrition for everybody, most especially for pregnant women. However, there are really times when it just is not practical. I'm just glad that we now have alternatives in such cases.


Nakia Stewart said...

Yes, prenatal vitamins are a great source of nutrition and I do agree with the doctors. I took them with oth of my pregnancies and they kind of made me not to be able to use the bathroom, though. Why is that? I stopped takin them because of that.

Alan said...

I love this blog!

theworkingmom said...

@Nakia Stewart -- I think it's the iron content. My OB said that some types of iron compounds makes constipation worse.

@Alan, thanks!

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