Thursday, June 17, 2010

Our condo is almost ready

Our condo unit is almost ready for turnover. We are thinking of spending a bit so that we can have it rented out as a ready-to-move-in furnished unit. So far the unit is already fitted with lights, a standard kitchen setup (not Moen kitchen faucets though, unless we decide to spend a bit to upgrade it), toilet tiles and basic bathroom and shower fixtures, and vinyl tiles. It has been painted too.

We are planning add a bed, cabinets, living and dining room setup and some appliances like an a/c, TV, refrigerator and maybe a microwave oven. Let's see what we can fit in. After all, it's not that big -- only around 20 square meters.

I think our first tenant will be lucky as he/she will be getting everything brand new -- the unit, the appliances and the furnitures!

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