Thursday, June 24, 2010

Should we?

I just passed the 40 year old mark. The hubby and I are thinking that the decision to have or not to have baby number three is something that we have to make very soon. Unlike couples in their twenties or even in their thirties who can afford to wait, we can't. If we decide not to have another baby, it's not a decision that's considered final. Five or ten years down the line, we can't just say, hey, we want another baby and just decide to try. It's definitely now or never.

There are certainly pros and cons to having another kid. Children are such joy. We'd love to have more of them, but we do not know if we can afford to raise another one in the manner that we want to. We'd love to them to have a great education (which comes at a hefty price tag over here) and family vacations (we haven't done any out of the country trips since our honeymoon, much less a Branson vacation), and of course, we'd want them to have as few health issues as possible. We'd also like them to have both parents around for the time that they still need us.

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