Saturday, July 31, 2010

Take inspiration from other people who went through the same thing

While sheer determination will get you somewhere, seeing other people who have decided on the same things and succeeded will also help, big time!

When I got determined to breastfeed my kids, that was because I was inspired by mothers in my mailing list who were successful, despite any difficulties they encounter. People who want to lose weight should take heart from those who had successful weight loss stories. I guess that goes for everything in life, from being an entrepreneur or a successful professional, to battling health crises. Hearing about other people beating the odds makes one optimistic about doing the same thing.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nutrition insurance in pregnancy

My sister-in-law is in her first trimester of pregnancy. The problem with her right now is that she does not have an appetite and is having some bouts of vomiting. Thus instead of gaining weight, she is actually losing weight. I've experienced the same weight loss problem when I was pregnant with my eldest. I continued to take my prenatal vitamins so that I'm sure that my baby and I are at least ingesting enough nutrients.

With my second baby, I didn't lose weight during my first trimester. That was probably because I drank milk whenever I couldn't eat. Not just any milk but milk designed for pregnant women. (I took Anmum.) I have told my brother that this might work for his wife while she has trouble with her intake and with keeping what she eats down. And while this problem is troublesome, it is only temporary. For me, it's basically a nutritional insurance.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

For your children

We've just heard of the passing away of comedian Redford White. He was 54. Some say that he was still young. But, as they say, the only sure things in life are death (and taxes). We have to accept that our time in life is limited. We just don't know when and how the end is. That's why if people depend on you, like your minor children for example, you should look at life insurance quotes that could at least tide them over in case something happens to you. Of course, you should also make arrangements about guardianship.

It's a pretty morbid topic, but part of being responsible parents is making sure that your children will be well provided for, even if you are gone.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

How to gain weight?

My son doesn't need diet pill reviews. What he needs are tips to (1) increase his appetite (2) gain some weight. He's pretty slender and I've heard more than enough comments about his (lack of) weight, so much so that I cannot help but be concerned, even when the height and weight chart at the Pedia's office shows that he's just right. Or maybe other kids his age are higher up on the chart that makes him skinnier looking?

I've been trying to give him Avocadoes, more snacks in a day, milk. And he still doesn't gain enough weight to hold off the comments from other parents. Or maybe that's just the way he is and I should worry less? He's pretty healthy, otherwise.

What do you think?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

It's easier to study when single

I would suggest that you take all the courses that you want while you're still young and while you don't have the responsibility of raising a family, especially when you want to take up further studies, say, in medicine or in law.

Even with review classes for nmat and lsat preps, it's still difficult to prepare oneself for entrance exams when you have other responsibilities already. Even if your parents give you the full financial and emotional support that you need, you still need time to study, not just for the entrance exams, but also your chosen course.

I've found that I was a more effective student when I was still single. Now that I'm married with two kids as well as a career, studying seems to be more difficult as I have to find time to cram in my homework and review in between the demands of parenthood and career. I'm glad I'm done with all my medical training before I settled down, because, once you have a family, your priorities change.

Note that I said that it's difficult...but not impossible. If you really are determined, you'd still find a way to do it.

Friday, July 23, 2010

They fit!

Just yesterday, I tried my old jeans which I bought 6 years ago, before I got pregnant with my firstborn. Voila! It fits comfortably. I'm very happy that although I did check out some apidexin reviews, I didn't really get to use any of them. I didn't do any exercise (which may explain my love handles and the fact that I still look pregnant) either. So basically it was breastfeeding and trying to eat just the right amount of food (I didn't really go on a diet either).

But I would probably have to thank genetics for this. My dad never got overweight. I'm lucky. But he was more conscientious than I was. :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Should you take a vitamin supplement?

Many people, including health care personnel, are divided when it comes to the issue of nutrition. Some insist that it's best to take in a well-balanced diet and not take in any supplements, while others would swear by certain vitamins and other supplements for their well-being.

It actually depends on you. Unless you have an obvious deficiency, a well-balanced diet should be okay. But it's not that easy to balance out a diet, so many people take in a supplement as a nutritional insurance. That's especially true for children, and there's nothing wrong there too.

Just remember to take in the right amounts. Too little is not good, but neither is too much, especially for the fat soluble vitamins (ADEK).

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Different medications for different individuals

While a lot of people, babies and adults alike, may suffer from skin problems, not all of these are created alike. That's why eczema treatment is not the same for everybody. Some get better with simple lotions or emollients, while others require a visit to the dermatologist and prescription medications.

While it's ok to use lotions and emollients and other over-the-counter remedies, stronger medications are best used under a doctor's advise. That's why you should not just rely on a friend or relative's advise re medications. It's still best to consult the experts so that you will be given the right treatment for your problem.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Slow down

The problem with most people today is that we all want things fast. That's why we oftentimes take shortcuts. That's why we have fast foods and instant noodles for people who just can't stop to eat a meal the way we do at home. There are also liposuction and apidexin for people who want to slim down fast.

Is is "need for speed" good or bad? Well, it's not really bad I suppose, but sometimes when we're always in a hurry, we tend to fail to enjoy things as they are supposed to. Like food eaten leisurely. Or a jazz exercise session.

I guess we should remember that sometimes it is good to slow down a bit.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Want a place of our own

We've always wanted a place of our own but we couldn't figure yet how we can afford it, what with the rising costs of living and especially with two kids. Before Ondoy, we were contemplating on maybe using one of my mother-in-law's lots and build a small house just enough for us, even one of those prefabricated steel buildings. However, the floods caused by Ondoy made us rethink our plans.

Now, we're back to square one. My mom has given me a loan, enough for me to buy a small studio unit. But it's rather small for our purposes, so for the moment we have decided to derive income from it by renting it out. Which I think is a good idea, since it would be a good investment if we use it that way. Our long term plan now includes saving up for our home, even a small one that would fit us. Renting is an option, but we'd rather buy if we can afford the mortgage.

Friday, July 9, 2010

The test

I am so glad that we've taken a comprehensive car insurance for the car that I am driving. Even if you take care of your vehicle, there maybe times when accidents do happen. Insurance will take care of that. Early next week, we shall know if the company we got is really good, or if we have to research on a better insurance company. I found and while it's mostly US based, it does give us an idea of what the costs are and what we should expect.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Back to basics

There are now a lot of supplements being promoted on TV, which promise to take of your eyes, your kidneys, your heart, your lungs, your joints, your liver -- you name it, they probably have it or will have it in the future.

But are they really the answer to a healthier you?

People nowadays want something easy -- pop a capsule to protect the liver and indulge in that weekly alcohol spree or inuman.

But we tend to forget the basic -- why not drink in moderation or forego the alcohol altogether? It cannot be done. Cannot? Or is the person unwilling?

Think about it. We know the basics -- eat healthy, sleep enough, don't smoke, drink in moderation, observe hygiene. Then how come we don't follow them?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Maintain a heathy weight

Being in the medical field has exposed me to the fact that we have far too many overweight individuals, even obese ones. It has also showed me that this does take a toll on health. The best known diseases that are associated with obesity are cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and diabetes, but did you know that even arthritis and hip fractures may also be worsened by obesity?

That's why it's best that we maintain a health weight. While diet and exercise are the basic ways to reduce weight, sometimes some people need a lot more help. This is where medical assistance might help. I really do not recommend taking diet pills without medical supervision, even if Clinicallix reviews say that they are often safe enough. A medical examination with an expert in weight loss management will be helpful in pinpointing the problems and addressing them the right way, whether it's plain diet and exercise (and which diet & exercise you need), supplements, surgery or what not.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Height is might?

A few months back, somebody in my yahoogroups asked about the possibility of giving her kids hgh supplements since she felt that her kids are on the short side and she wanted them to have the advantage of being taller.

This question has opened up a can of worms, so to speak, there were a lot of reactions, both violent and non-violent, for and against her idea. It seems that she and her husband were not that tall, after all, which means that genetically, her children were really destined to be about their size, unless they do something else about it while they still can.

While it's really their decision to make, I would rather accept my kids for whatever nature blessed them with in terms of their height. Neither my husband and I are tall, but even without supplementation, my son seems to be tall for his age. I hope so, because height does afford advantages, but if they do end up on the short end of the scale, that' s ok too. :)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Don't start with the habit of smoking

Doctors would always tell people to avoid smoking as it leads to all sorts of diseases from cancers to emphysema and even eye problems like macular degeneration, but it's pretty difficult to actually convince people who are already deep in the habit of smoking to stop. While there are now nicotine patches and medications which aim to help wean a person off tobacco, it's not a guarantee. That's why it's best not to start with the habit of smoking. Cigarettes contain nicotine, which is addictive, as well as huge numbers of other substances that contribute to destroying your health. I am not sure if electronic cigarettes is a substitute that would help in cutting down. One thing I know for sure is that don't start with the habit if you don't have it yet. That goes especially for young people who may feel invincible about doing "adult" things like smoking and drinking. It simply is not worth it.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Make things happen

Our homeowner's association distributed free trash bins to each household. I thought that they would give stainless steel drums but they gave the big rubbermaid type bins.

It's part of the association's drive to promote cleanliness in the village. They also promoted lectures on garbage segregation. There are also garbage trucks which pick up the garbage at regular intervals. This is a good thing because if we wait for the city government to move, it will probably cause the garbage to build up because they can't come to our village at more frequent intervals.

I guess it just means that if you have a smaller group of concerned people, like the village officers, you can make more things happen in your own locality and not just depend on the bigger government unit to come and take care of you.

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