Monday, July 5, 2010

Height is might?

A few months back, somebody in my yahoogroups asked about the possibility of giving her kids hgh supplements since she felt that her kids are on the short side and she wanted them to have the advantage of being taller.

This question has opened up a can of worms, so to speak, there were a lot of reactions, both violent and non-violent, for and against her idea. It seems that she and her husband were not that tall, after all, which means that genetically, her children were really destined to be about their size, unless they do something else about it while they still can.

While it's really their decision to make, I would rather accept my kids for whatever nature blessed them with in terms of their height. Neither my husband and I are tall, but even without supplementation, my son seems to be tall for his age. I hope so, because height does afford advantages, but if they do end up on the short end of the scale, that' s ok too. :)

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