Sunday, July 25, 2010

How to gain weight?

My son doesn't need diet pill reviews. What he needs are tips to (1) increase his appetite (2) gain some weight. He's pretty slender and I've heard more than enough comments about his (lack of) weight, so much so that I cannot help but be concerned, even when the height and weight chart at the Pedia's office shows that he's just right. Or maybe other kids his age are higher up on the chart that makes him skinnier looking?

I've been trying to give him Avocadoes, more snacks in a day, milk. And he still doesn't gain enough weight to hold off the comments from other parents. Or maybe that's just the way he is and I should worry less? He's pretty healthy, otherwise.

What do you think?

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aira said...

hi, siguro po ang kaylangan po ng son exercise po ang ganda naman po ng blog na pinost nyo tnx for sharing

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